doctor kevorkian-You dont know jack(played by al pacino painted by Andrea Rivera)
You dont know jack(Dr kevorkian) by Andrea Rivera

So cold,So frozen(empty inside). the 'killer doc.'...mouth stays shut,though not evident the death he brings-You dont really know Jack!
as the painter Andrea agrees.The blue color gives deep meaning on the 'degree' on subject-(Death).So cold!..Does it come naturally or is it silently induced..nonetheless its a cold road to walk...the shade/value of the blue gives you the sense of emptiness,coldness and paleness as life is slowly drained from you..death is cold-not to mention the black scarf covering the face almost giving you "the grim reaper suffocating feeling"

Chamarcus Lewis: Art That Interested Me
Neoclassical Art

The Oath of the Horatii
Jacques-Louis David
Oil on canvas

During this semester, I was granted the opportunity of learning about various art works and the culture or meaning that is associated with the particular work or art and artist. The particular art work that interested me the most was that of Jacques-Louis David, "The Oath of the Horatti", which was painted in the period of Neoclassicism. The fact that during this time individuals put their country before their family struck a thought in my head. How does it feel to give all allegiance to your country first and family second? In this painting the 3 brothers made an Oath to their father(King) to defend their country and fight against their cousins for the allegiance of their country. What if society was still based on this morallity of the period of Neoclassical Art?

My creation.

I enjoy drawing and painting. When I paint, I use acrylic paint. This is acrylic on canvas and I googled pictures of tigers to inspire my painting. I like to use acrylic paints because they dry so much quicker, and in my opinion are easier to use.

Morgan Scala - Salvador Dali - The Persistence of Memory
This is my favorite art work from our class this semester. This piece is by Salvador Dali and it is titled The Persistence of Memory. He used oil on canvas in this work. This is my favorite because Salvador Dali is one of my favorite artists. I really enjoy all of his paintings each one is interesting in its own way. 

Something Interesting

I found the sarcastic tone Duchamp put out when he called a urinal art.  Ive often found what people consider to be art quite interesting.  Art to one person is not art to another.  The statement made by Duchamp is a revolutionary idea.  Art can be found in everything.  It might not be traditional, but it is still art.  I may not be a fan of everything, such as all abstract, but I can still appreciate it artistically.       -Andrew T. Lunceford

Picture of Interest

This semester, this painting grasped my attention the most. I was intrigued by the fact that this was done with simply watercolor. I paint with acrylics usually; and watercolor seems to "runny" to do a painting with this detail.  That is why Brady's painting grasped my attention.

One of my creations.
This is a drawing I did, and I used shading on the lips, which is something we discussed in Art this semester.

this is a drawing in which I used shading to compliment the lips of the subject.

Something of Interest

i love this picture from John Constable because he used his memory to create it and that is something that i try to do when someone asks me about something or a picture. it shows that the mid is a wonderful thing when using it to its full capacity.

Something I Found Interesting in This Class
There were a lot of works of art that I liked in this class, but one things that I found really interesting was the evolution of society's perception of a naked woman's form. It's amazing that we viewed the human form in such drastic ways, from this... this... this... this...

...and then finally to this...

From the connotations of fertility all the way to questioning society's social constructs, art has used in many ways, most notably in the ways we see a naked human body.  As a collective portfolio, these works can act as a time capsule to emulate what was going on each time period that gave inspiration to these arts to create these pieces.

Leah Stogner - sculpture

While researching sculptures, I came across this sweet, sweet sculpture. A woman in Victoria, Australia, had her body sculpted onto a slab of stone covering her husband's grave. I'm not sure who the sculptor was, but this simply shows pure love and admiration. It makes me wonder how long they were together and how they met. Either way, he must have been a great man for her to do such.


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