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Art for Worship: Igbo Ukwu
cnsofo1 wrote in lsuart1001
Art of a Great Civilzation: Igbo-Ukwu leopard

The Igbo-Ukwu(The Great-Igbo) originated in the eastern region of Nigeria.Known as the ancestors of the present day Igbo ethnic group.Their art work like the one above is dated back to as early as 9th century.They are known to be the pioneers of coppersmithing.Though they did not use new techniques such as lifting,soldering and riveting which can be seen in other geographical regions at later times in Nigeria ,they were masters of their craft.They took pride in showing details on the body of their work.They used a forgotten simple technique called the 'Wax casting-method' in their bronze works above of religious artifacts where used in religious rites,ceremonies and worship.


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